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Soulstice Iced Tea is on a bold mission to brew change in the Himalayas, one sip at a time. Imagine a world where tea farmers don't just survive but thrive, where mountains aren't left barren by city lights but are vibrant with tea leaves. With every cup you savor, you're not just getting a taste of exceptional tea; you're joining a movement. In Kumaon, our farmers are breaking records, with 90% of them being fierce, tea-loving women who've found financial independence. They're sending their kids to school, getting shiny new farming tools, and putting food on the table without struggle. But we're just getting started. We're turning a village into a tea processing powerhouse, and we're teaching these farmers to be the rockstars of the tea world. With over 850 farmers across India and Nepal in our tea-loving family, we're bringing you more than just a beverage; we're serving up a sip of change. So, raise your can, and let's toast to a sweeter future for all, one delicious tea drop at a time!